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How to have a happier morning

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During high school, I've always gotten up early. Like, 5:45 am early (I have a longer-than-average school commute), and sometimes earlier if I have extra homework to finish. I also generally never hit snooze, (almost) never oversleep, and never end up running super late, at least to the extent of having to skip breakfast or forgo brushing my hair. This isn't because I'm a cheerful morning person though, I promise. I just have a vehement hatred of rushing and a fear of being late. But despite appearing like a "morning person" on paper, I have spent many mornings being uninspired and not particularly happy. 
Lately, (mostly inspired by bloggers with beautiful lives and charming "morning routines") I've been trying to be a little bit less of a miserable cow when I start the day. I know I'm far from an expert on perfect mornings, but I also know that when I do the following things upon waking, I feel a bit happier. And that's pretty nice. 

Go to bed earlier.

( A piece of obligatory advice that you probably aren't going to start following if you don't already. I have genuinely tried to do this. Sometimes it's just impossible. Moving on...) 

Use an alarm that doesn't sound like death.

It's hard to feel happy when you wake up to a fire-alarm-esque sound in your ear. Instead, I use Sleep Cycle as my alarm clock. Partly because it tracks my sleep and guilts me into going to bed earlier (use with discretion, though; some people can get more stressed out by realizing their constant lack of sleep), and partly because it wakes me up to soothing wind chime-y sounds like "warm breeze" and "forest glade." 

Use light to wake up faster.

When I wake up, I automatically turn on my bedside lamp. It's like a reflex. I know I won't fall asleep again if I do this. You can also use the "Philips Hue" function on Sleep Cycle to temporarily blind you when your alarm goes off. It's lovely.

Put lemon in stuff

Lemon water is apparently really good for you. I'm sure you've read those things about how drinking hot water with lemon in the morning is really magical. I don't know about that, but I do know that I have recently become obsessed with squirting lemon juice into my water and green tea in the morning. Mostly because I think it tastes good, it makes me feel more awake, and it seems to help with stomach discomfort. 

 Listen to music while getting ready.

Whether you spend five minutes throwing on clothes or twenty-five minutes curling your hair, there's time for a song in there. This is the biggest thing that has improved my mood in the morning. I just pull up a lighthearted Pandora radio, and suddenly everything seems slightly cheerier.

 Write in a journal for, like, 5 minutes.

I've been an avid journaler since age 12. I used to always do this at night, but then I started staying up later to do homework, and it began to feel like a chore to write in my journal when I really just wanted to sleep. So now I try to take a few quick minutes to write in the morning before I go downstairs. It actually makes me motivated, because it encourages me to have the sort of day I'll be proud to write about tomorrow. 


 Eat a breakfast you're excited about.

I love eggs. I love them in just about any variety, but especially scrambled. They may require a bit more labor than, say, just grabbing a yogurt, but I love eating them so much that it's worth it to cook them a few times a week. I also feel this way about smoothies. 

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And read them during breakfast. If you love reading blogs as much as me, this one's a no-brainer. See my post about the blogs that inspire me, if you're curious as to what I read. 

Anyways, these are the things that have helped make my mornings a bit cheerier. Not all days are going to be super happy, but when I do little things that I enjoy in the morning, I feel more ready to face the day in all of its imperfect glory. 

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