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Welcome to my blog, Julia in Bluhm.
I'm Julia, I'm eighteen years old, and I'm finally starting my own blog as a part of my high school senior project.
If I had to classify this blog, I'd say it's a style, life, figuring-it-out blog, probably with some ballet stuff thrown in. That being said, I expect that this blog (and I) will evolve in the future. After all, I'm no expert, I'm barely an adult, and I'm still very much "in bluhm" (heh, sorry). Since I absolutely love writing, I thought this would be a good way to make sense of it all. 

me & the cutest dog of all time

trying to look photogenic (?)

So, that's just about it. If you're interested in reading about my obsession with pretty clothes, my random musings about life, and my absurd amount of ballet dancing, check back! I'll likely post 3ish times per week (at least for now). 

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♡ Julia

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About me

About me

About me
I’m a 19-year old college student who’s still very much “in bluhm” (heh) but I’m figuring it out as I go, laptop in hand.
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