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Tips for clearing your head & letting go

As you can probably tell by now (but my tendency to write silly, profound blog posts culminating in some sort of life lesson) I spend a lot of time thinking. I think a lot about myself and about life, but I also think a lot about every little, annoying thing.

Something frustrating or uncomfortable happens? I do something stupid? I'll probably obsess over it for months, no biggie. It will creep into my mind at the most inconvenient times, leaving me with a slimy, regretful, embarrassed feeling all over.

When you're someone who thinks a lot, and someone who cares a lot, and someone who wants everything to go as smoothly as possible, it can be hard not to obsess. I can think of three stupid things I've recently done (including but not limited to: losing a textbook, getting my car stuck in a ditch, oversleeping terribly) in which I exerted a ton of energy into stressing out and obsessing over my mistake. By now, I don't really think about those things that much. I was eventually able to accept that I made a mistake and let it go. Obviously, those were fairly trivial examples. With other things, bigger things, letting go can take a really long time. But here's what I try to remember: any disaster, no matter how big, will not feel nearly as disastrous in a month as it feels now. In two months? Even less. In a year? You'll have a completely new set of seemingly more-disastrous things to worry about. Trust me.

But right now, you can't fast-forward to that state of eventual reason. Right now, you're lying in your bed and you really need to fall asleep, but your brain is full of an embarrassing, or shameful, or frustrated itchiness. Here's what you should do (and what I try to do): take a deep breath, a big one, and then exhale.

Let it go.

Also, if you need a bit more to go on than that, all of these things:

  • Put in your headphones, lie down, and listen to your favorite song really loudly so it fills your entire head. For me, this is the surest (and possibly, the only) way to stop thinking. 

  • Watch lots of mindless television. Didn't think you were going to see that bit of wellness advice on a cutesy lifestyle blog, huh? Well, it's a wonderful way to distract from any noisy thoughts. I actually really love watching tv, and I'm not even ashamed. 

  • Write it all down in your journal really fast, just to get it over with. Then, close your journal, stuff it in some forgotten drawer, and leave your annoying thoughts trapped with it. Empty your brain of whatever is bothering you, and let your journal deal with it. 

  • Look for people on the internet who have similar experiences and find comfort in the fact that you aren't some disorganized freak; people make mistakes like yours all the time. When I was learning to drive and I discovered what an embarrassingly terrible sense of direction I have, I found a random forum on the internet in which fellow directionally-challenged people were discussing their cringe-y experiences. I think I cried because, in my bubble of anxious obsessing, I had made the rash assumption that I was the only one. 

  • If all else fails and your obsessing continues, just let yourself obsess for a little while. Let yourself feel uncomfortable or annoyed or regretful. But trust that in a few days, you'll gradually start to feel less bothered. Your disaster will never again be as big as it is right now. 
Best of luck, fellow obsessers. If Elsa can do it, so can we. :)
♡ Julia 


  1. I just found your blog, and I love the illustration at the top! Such a cute name, too 💗

    My Little Online Space

    1. Aw thanks! Thank you for reading :)

  2. I love the way you wrote this. Some of your tips I've actually used before, like writing it down, or simply zoning out with music. Another good way for clearing your mind is to meditate (which is actually quite knew to me) but so far it's going well. I've done a few posst with the idea of letting things go if you'd like to search around my blog :)
    - "Surround Yourself With Happiness"
    - "Do It For You!"
    -"Can You Outgrow Your Best Friend?"

    Much love, Kyia

    1. Thanks, Kyia! I'll have to check out your blog :)
      I've tried meditating before, I should probably try to do that more regularly!

  3. Great tips! I love Youtube for helping to clear my head xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. 100% agree with wearing the headphone and blasting your favourite song to fill it in our head, that is pretty much the only thing that works for me. Great tips here and it amaze me at how wise and mature you are at your young age. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. I can relate to this 100%. I'm obsessing over every single little unimportant thing! I like to do some of these tips and they really do help. Watching your favorite tv show, eating good snack and laying in bed can help a lot but also going out on a fresh air for a short walk can help as well.. xx Great post

    1. Ah I so agree with both of those things. Tv, bed, and a snack is like the best combination ahaha. Walks are super refreshing too! Thanks for reading :)

  6. Hi Julia! This post is so beautifully written and the tips are definitely things I could use (ugh exams).
    Another way to unload/destress to to emotionally dump everything onto a friend or two (in the nicest way!), and they'll either worry with you or bring in a bunch of positivity! Either way, having someone there when you're kinda lost in life makes you feel a little less alone and yeah, just that bit more happy i guess :)
    But also, sometimes obsessing isn't all bad *looks back at the number of cupcake batches I've baked these past weeks*
    Happy 'letting go'!
    Love, Betty xx

    1. So true! I most definitely dump my problems on my friends at times haha! And true, people who obsess are often people who work hard and really care about things I think. So it has its perks. Enjoy your cupcakes and thanks for reading :)

  7. This was so helpful! I struggle with overthinking everything so severely that it affects my day to day life and I hate it, I need to just accept that they've happened because I can't change the past and make sure I never make any of those mistakes again x

    1. Exactly! There's no use worrying now.
      Thanks for reading, Isabelle!

  8. Wonderful post, a really relatable topic, but one you don't see talked about that much. I'm definitely guilty of overthinking sometimes, and it's such a timewasting thing, thank you for the tips! =)
    Sadiya Hearts

  9. Hi Julia!

    As a person who suffers from anxiety and sleep anxiety, I found writing on a journal really helps! I try to make an appointment with myself everyday and just write on a journal–during the day–so that I don't have to worry about it at night.

    Info for those who suffer from anxiety and/or sleep anxiety, I wrote a blog about it too: Ron | Sleep Anxiety When Traveling – A Real Problem Although it's about traveling but it definitely applies to clearing out your head when anxiety comes searching for you.

    I hope you're doing well and I hope anxiety or stress does not bother you too much, Julia!



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