It's alright to try "too hard"

Since starting this blog, something that has puzzled me about myself (I'm having a typical introspective moment here, bear with me) is my tendency to simultaneously strive for uniqueness all the while being terrified of judgement. I want to be and act and live uniquely, but by default, trying something unique comes with at least one person thinking you're weird. It comes with at least one person quietly chuckling (and feeling a tad superior) because of your tendency to be blissfully and ignorantly uncool. It comes with at least one person thinking to themselves, "she's trying too hard to be something she's not."

8 ways to relax productively

I am a sucker for productivity. I love the idea of it. I love making to-do-lists with little boxes and then checking them off with little checks. But even more than perfect productivity, I love the sentiment of well, that's all finished, now I guess I'll just sit down in a sunny window somewhere and read an intellectual book. Isn't that the life? Isn't that what we all want? To check off everything on our to-do-list each day and still have time to calmly read a book or write in an adorable journal or teach ourselves how to play the ukulele? This is a secret dream of mine. I want to be productive all day long, and when that's done, I want to relax in productive ways. I want to spend my free time doing artistic and beautiful and challenging things.

Outfit: summer and floral

✤  What I'm wearing  ✤

top: TJ maxx (similarish here
skirt: up-cycled vintage (with pockets!!) (similarish here
shoes: my mother's (similar here)
socks: here  

 Everyone enjoying summer (and summery clothes)? I know I am.
♡ Julia 

On being girly & unashamed

I am an unabashed pretty-things enthusiast. I love clothes, lace, bows, flowers, and pretty much anything you'd expect to fall out of princess-obsessed, six-year-old girl's dress-up box. I love shopping, makeup (although I'm no expert), "girly" music, "girly" movies, anything pastel-pink, and ballet. Even my personality is stereotypically "girly"; I'm quiet and giggly and insecure and naive. My blog, my Pinterest, even my bedroom-- they're like explosions of femininity so blinding you can see nothing but a kaleidoscope of roses and lace and tiny polka-dots.

Okay, I might be exaggerating. But only slightly.

Worries from a blogging newbie

So, I started this blog not quite three months ago, and it's been pretty wonderful so far! It feels great to create something, and be in control of something that's entirely my own. That being said, there was a whole lot about blogging that sort of freaked me out, too. Like, a whole lot. I was a ball of stress for a while there. Blogging can be pretty intimidating because oftentimes the blogs that we see the most are those with thousands of followers and a perfect aesthetic and flawless photography. Truthfully though, everybody starts with one follower. Everybody starts without really knowing what they're doing. As a blogger who is still trying to figure it all out, I'm trying my hardest to remember this.

Anyways, I thought I'd use this post as an opportunity to share some of my past (and current) blogging worries in hopes of sympathizing any other blogging newbies out there who may have had similar thoughts. We can revel in our anxiety together :)

Will my blog look good/ professional? 

When I was first starting my blog, I knew I wanted it to look like a blog. Like one of those gorgeous, polished looking blogs I'd been following obsessively. So I surfed Etsy for a few days until I found an inexpensive blogger theme and logo, and then I messed with Blogger customization until everything looked moderately okay. This helped me gain a lot of confidence about blogging, because (even though it sounds kind of superficial) my blog posts felt more valid once they looked a bit more professional (than, say, default Blogger themes). Now, three months later, I'm already dying to update my blog, but I'm still happy I started where I did.

7 youtube videos for sad/stressful days

I don't know about you, but when I'm really busy Youtube is my tv replacement. I don't have time to watch a whole show, but I sort of want to zone out mindlessly in front of a screen for a few minutes. And there are hundreds of fashion/beauty/lifestyle Youtubers who provide the same sort of personal-connection and soothing, put-together quality that is beloved in blogging. You know what I mean? Like, there's something so calming about listening to a girl talk about makeup or lifestyle while sitting in a pretty bedroom with strummy guitar music playing in the background.

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite Youtube videos that never fail to make me feel calm and a bit more serene on stressful or inexplicably sad days. Yes, some (most) of these videos are (very) old, but the fact that I still watch & remember them should only further prove how good they are.