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7 youtube videos for sad/stressful days

I don't know about you, but when I'm really busy Youtube is my tv replacement. I don't have time to watch a whole show, but I sort of want to zone out mindlessly in front of a screen for a few minutes. And there are hundreds of fashion/beauty/lifestyle Youtubers who provide the same sort of personal-connection and soothing, put-together quality that is beloved in blogging. You know what I mean? Like, there's something so calming about listening to a girl talk about makeup or lifestyle while sitting in a pretty bedroom with strummy guitar music playing in the background.

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite Youtube videos that never fail to make me feel calm and a bit more serene on stressful or inexplicably sad days. Yes, some (most) of these videos are (very) old, but the fact that I still watch & remember them should only further prove how good they are.

My Secrets: clothesencounters 

This is honestly one of my favorite videos on Youtube. Jenn basically just writes (in her impeccable handwriting) a whole bunch of truth bombs on a piece of paper and holds them up, lookin' all cute. But for real, the first time I watched it I was overwhelmed because I could relate so much to some of the stuff she mentioned. Not leaving her house for 4 days and being happy about it? Ahhhhh yes. Not having idols? What a simplistic and yet thought-provoking concept. We all admire other people, but why don't we admire ourselves?

Let's Explore Maine: Ingrid Nilsen 

Not gonna lie, I was unbelievably excited about this video because it's filmed in Maine! Sometimes it feels like people forget this little state exists. :) I like this video a lot because it was a little bit of a surprise for me. It starts out very aesthetically pleasing, and Ingrid talks in a cheery (and a lil sappy, be warned) way about her trip and friends. It's very cute. But by the end it became really touching and wonderful and whoop, I was crying. If you watch this video, watch it until the end.

Thanks I just Threw it On!: Arden Rose 

This is a short film and I love it because it's really funny in an adorable sort of way. It pokes fun at vintage-obsessed girls in the modern day world, and it's just really well done. Watch this if you're in the mood for something light hearted and artsy.

29 Things about being 29: Hannah Hart 

Ah, this video makes me feel like a proud older-sister or something. I was smiling through the whole thing. There's something really grin-worthy about watching someone who is suddenly really happy talk about how happy they are with their own happiness (too many happy's, sorry). She basically talks about (in her typical funny way) how she's gotten her life together and feels wonderfully content.

The Horizon Line: Vlogbrothers 

This video is by John Green, so it's very intellectual, very metaphorical, and slightly pretentious. But I love it. It's super calming. And when you recognize his metaphor, what he's saying becomes really relevant and, I think, really important to hear.

23 Things I've Learned in 23 Years: Klossy 

Be warned, this video cutesy to the max. I love Karlie Kloss because she lives a beautiful life, she seems really genuinely friendly, and she isn't afraid of her own cutesy-ness. This video makes me 22% happier every time I watch it just because it's adorable. And it features a really nice looking cake, which is always a good thing.

Planning Your Perfect Morning: Ingrid Nilsen 

This video is the definition of calm. The whole mood of the video is perfectly represented by the big, cozy, muted-colored sweater she is wearing. It's a video about what may be the most calming morning of all time, and even if you're rushing and watching it between the thirty-seven things you have to get done, it'll give you a perfect little dosage of the lazy-Sunday-morning you fantasize about having.

Anyways, those are my go-to Youtube videos to watch when I want to bring about an illusion of peace and quiet in my often-frantic life. :)

♡ Julia


  1. Hi Julia,

    I sometimes find myself YouTube hopping too since I'm not a big fan of being in front of the TV for a long time. Something about my eyes or visual overload :) I watched the video on Portland, Maine and it looks like such a beautiful city. We're going to be in New York in two weeks but I don't think we have enough time to visit Maine.

    Sending this to those that would be interested in these videos. Hope you're well!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

    1. Thanks for reading, Ron! Portland rocks :)
      Have a good trip to New york!!

  2. Ah I watched the My Secrets video a little while ago and it's so cute isn't it! Such a sweet, feel good little video. I need to check out the rest of your list, too. Gonna grab myself a cuppa and settle down and have a good old binge watch!

    Katie xx ♥ La Coco Noire

    1. Yeah that really is one of my favorites! Thanks for reading, Katie!

  3. I love Karlie Kloss too and she seems to sweet and down to earth on camera. I also love that she's not the typical airhead model and I believe she's also going back to college for computer programming course? Ingrid Nielsen is another that I have heard of but I'm not subscribed to her.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yeah! I think she even has her own coding program for girls or something, now! She's pretty awesome. Thanks for reading, Shireen :)

  4. I love John Green's videos! So interesting!

    1. Me too! He's really smart and genuine, I think.


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