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Capturing a moment: Acadia day trip

Yesterday was spent biking (and sweating) a lot, eating popovers, taking photos, and admiring the ocean. I went to Acadia National Park with my dad for the day.

If you've never been to Acadia, I strongly suggest you go. It's in Maine, which is the vacation land after all, and there are tons of great hiking trails, carriage trails that are great for biking, and the ocean, which is always lovely. We biked the carriage trails about 5 miles to the Jordan Pond House, a popular restaurant on Jordan Pond, ate lunch (including their famous popovers), and biked 5 miles back.

After that, we walked around the rocks by the ocean. In Maine, the ocean is not particularly warm (and by that I mean it's freezing), but if you aren't brave enough to swim for more than thirty seconds, it's still awful nice to look at.

Anyways, I'm trying to smush as many summery things into my free time as possible, before I leave for school! What summery adventures have you been up to lately? Let me know!

♡ Julia


  1. I wish I was nearer some water. I am hoping to enjoy some good summer rainstorms this weekend. I love to take window-side pictures when it's cloudy and rainy out. :) Also on my summer list is to eat more peaches. :)

  2. The ocean is lovely, unfortunately it's an hour and a half drive away for me so I don't go that often. :/ And girl, you don't even understand my love for peaches. That is certainly an indisputable part of summer :)

  3. Amazing pics! It might be such a lovely place :D

    Mia |

  4. Oh wow it looks beautiful here, I'd love to visit.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  5. Beautiful pictures, Julia! I found the bread picture incredibly satisfiying, haha, it looks delicious! I love the combination of ocean and mountains, it's so beautiful and magical! Glad you had a great time! <3

    P.S. I must admit my heart skipped a beat when I read Maine (Stephen King fangirl here, haha).

    Cy | Dulce de Mango

    1. I too love bread, so I understand :) (it was delicious).
      Maine is pretty great if you can bear it in the winter. (And yeah, stephen kind lives here! Another perk haha).
      Thanks for reading, Cy!!

  6. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to water, those photos of the ocean are so tranquil & beautiful. It's fluctuating between 110 and 120 here in Vegas so being near water would be so great right now, haha.

    I haven't been doing many summer activities (due to the heat), just drinking lots of iced coffee!


    1. Wow that's pretty hot! Sounds like you need the iced coffee ;) Thanks so much for reading! :)

  7. My family and I have been thinking about taking a trip to Acadia next year. All of your pictures look beautiful!


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