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The importance of building your own (life)style

I just started college. I have spent hours listening to people talk over the past two days, riddled with words of wisdom and encouragement. Throughout it all, I have picked up on a single, quite repetitive piece of advice. Every adult (and student) who speaks to us keeps stressing (really stressing) this one thing: Be authentically yourself. Work on figuring out who you really are, and then be it, and don't change because you feel weird, or you feel like you have to. People love that, they said. People respect that.

For some reason this stuck with me. I know it's probably the #2 most cliche piece of advice of all time, to"be yourself" (just after "follow your dreams"). It sounds too simple and yet too impossible to pin down.  It's so cliche that we don't really think about what it means. But for some reason (probably because everyone kept stressing it so much), I thought about it.

 "Be yourself" sound so stupid and so big, because we don't know what it even is. We don't know who we are yet. We don't know if we're going to change. How can I be something that's so impossible to define?

But maybe "yourself" isn't one massive, dazzling, inexplicable thing. Maybe you don't have to sum it up in one sentence or one clever, philosophical blog post. Maybe when they say "be yourself" they're talking about a million things intertwined; The style in which you dress, and act, and decorate your room, and organize your things, and spend your time. The style in which you live your everyday life (This is where the lifestyle part of lifestyle blog comes in, apparently).

Maybe "myself" is my tendency to love being alone while simultaneously feeling like I'm missing out. "Myself" is talking lots (and super fast) when I'm excited, and talking absolutely none when I'm tired or annoyed. "Myself" is knitting and writing in pretty journals and wearing girly dresses while simultaneously being afraid that I seem 'weird'. "Myself" is being obsessed with documenting the past, and overthinking everything, and writing complicated plans and schedules that I know I can't finish.

Maybe we won't figure out the big, singular answer to what it means to "be ourselves". Maybe we can't. Maybe we shouldn't get caught up in trying. But one thing that we can do is focus on our own style. The small things. After all, the things you like and dislike, even if you aren't good at them and even if they seem trivial, make up your lifestyle. Your style includes fashion, decor, and beauty (of course) but it also includes the style in which you learn, act, socialize, and express yourself. We should celebrate all aspects of our style. Talk about them. Enjoy them.

I like to think that my blog is all about "figuring it out." But that doesn't always have to be something big and revolutionary. There are plenty of little, everyday things that are supremely important to who you are. Some of them may seem trivial: clothes, beauty, decor, study tips etc, but all these little things make up the styles in which we live (and try to live). I love big ideas and big problems, but I also love lifestyle blogs. They celebrate the everyday aspects of who you are, the styles in which you dress, and think, and eat, and study. They inspire you to try them out, and figure out what works for you.

College, I will try my hardest to be my authentic self. And I will do it through wearing a bow in my hair, and hanging a poster on my dorm room wall, and thinking of something to talk about with a new friend. I may not know who I really am, but I'll let all my various little styles decide.

♡ Julia
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  1. "yourself" can be an ever changing definition, always growing and always discovering new aspects of you!


    Tamara -

  2. I love this post! I always felt I wasn't being true to myself because my style was always changing, but now I can see that the changes meant I was growing into myself! Good luck at collage!

    Kez |

    1. I can totally agree. Thanks so much, Kez!

  3. I really, really, really, enjoyed this post.
    I think to be yourself just means not to try to tailor your personality to meet anyone's expectations, or requirements...and I think blogging helps us with this, so much.

    francesca | xx

    1. I agree! I think blogging is definitely helpful in that respect. Thanks for reading, francesca!

  4. I don't think I've completely found myself yet- so it's hard to be myself completely but I think I'm getting there! Lovely post xx

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

    1. It's definitely a work in progress. Thanks, Georgia!

  5. You look great dear!

  6. A million things in one. Yes. I don't like the idea of having to define 'myself'. I'm just me. And that can mean a million things. Enjoy life and college dear!
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  7. Lovely article. Being yourself is the best feeling there is. You look cute in that outfit.


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