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Blog update // doing what you like

So this is just a blog update type of post, nothing too interesting. I just wanted to shed some light on the stuff that's been going on around here lately.

  •  I haven't posted in, like, two weeks. I don't really have an excuse for that besides, like, college. Also, I've been too hung up on the future of my blog, and coming up with the perfect blueprint to make it everything I want it to be. But at some point you've just got to stop planning, and start making. So that's what I'm doing now. 
  • Over the past month or so, I've changed my blog theme! I really like how it looks now, and I hope you do too!
  •  I've decided to stop doing "fashion" posts, and focus more on lifestyle/ self improvement/ life musing types of posts, because those are what I enjoy writing the most. 
One thing I've kind of struggled with in writing this blog, is the puzzle of wanting to find my originality while also wanting to be like all the successful blogs I read and love. I think, "they're doing x, y, and z and they have thousands of readers. I should do that too," but other times I think, "I want to find a way to make my blog unique, unlike everybody else." 

And ultimately I've decided, because of my own type of personality, that I can't run my blog like a business.  That mindset just doesn't work for me. It works for many people, and is definitely necessary for those who have businesses they promote through blogging, but that doesn't apply to me. I've decided I'm going to focus less on page views, followers, and the possibility of making money through blogging (right now, those things just stress me out). Instead, I'm just going to create, write new content, make my blog the way I want it to be, and share it as much as I can. For me, blogging is primarily a creative pursuit, not a business one.

I like writing about my life, about my weird, philosophical thoughts, and about my experiences trying to be a sort-of-adult. So that's what I'm going to focus on.

If you're a blogger who feels kinda caught in a rut, try to really focus on creating what you love. Create things that could be helpful for a certain kind of reader (a reader like you!) rather than the biggest, most popular, trending-on-pinterest audience.

It's certainly tempting to look at successful blogs and think "that is the recipe for success, I should be doing that." But maybe it doesn't fit with who you are. Maybe that's not the sort of stuff that makes you really excited. Maybe you will discover a weird little niche of your own, and maybe you'll eventually gain a readership that appreciates it!

Anyways, those have been the thoughts buzzing through my mind during this two-week-blogging hiatus. I'm so ready and inspired to jump back into blogging at full force! I've decided I'm going to be posting twice a week from now on; on Tuesdays and Fridays. (This week I'll probably post Wednesday and Saturday because this update post is throwing things off).

Anyways, thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!! :D

♡ Julia


  1. I've also been going through this. There was a time I started making my blog all about business that I started to loose myself and what I was doing. It just didn't feel like me anymore so I took steps back and started making it personal again. Great post btw!

    Stacey +

    1. I think that's probably something that a lot of bloggers go through. You've just got to find your own balance. Glad I'm not alone in this! I wish you the best with your blogging, and thanks so much for reading, Stacey!!

  2. I think that's the best way to move forward, go ahead and make your blog YOU. If it does turn into business then let it come naturally, don't need to force yourself into it. I have always love your blog just the way it is, I love reading your thoughts.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Aw thank you, Shireen, that means so much!! Yeah, I think I'm just going to do what feels right for me. It could change, who knows! That's the beauty of having your own blog, you can make it into whatever you want. :)

  3. CHIC!


    <a href="”>NatalieOffDuty</a>

  4. your post has so much clarity. I think its a chase in blogging world. We are all caught up in this vicious circle. Great insight babe. I would try and figure out a lot of things. I am so glad to meet a person who thinks so differently.

    1. Aw thank you so much!! I tend to spend a lot of time (trying) to figure things out, ahhaah. Clarity makes me calmer I guess. Thank you so much for reading :D I'm glad to (virtually) meet you too!

  5. Great advice, Julia. I love the clean look of your website. I haven't blogged in a long time (a month). Life just got in the way and last term of Junior yr in college has been so hectic. I really have to focus on what I love just like you said. One thing that was quite uninspiring is the lack of photo equipment I have. When I blog, I really want the photos to pop and my phone isn't adequate. So, now that I have a new camera, I hope I get to finally blog about the things I've always wanted to write about.

    I hope all is well in college!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

    1. I can really relate to how you felt about photo equipment. It can be pretty unmotivating to be restricted by something you can't really control- your equipment. I'm so glad you have a new camera! I am definitely enjoying college, I hope your year gets a little less hectic! Thanks for reading, Ron


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