A few strategies to stop worrying and "just do it"

Before you clicked on this blog post and started reading, there are a few things that undoubtedly happened:
  1. I wrote it (which you could have guessed).
  2. I read it over and edited it and added photos and read it seven more times (pretty standard). 
  3. I hovered my mouse over the "publish" button and worried about all the things that, if I had more time or was more skilled, I could make better.
  4. I just did it. I pressed "publish," slammed my laptop shut, and I walked away. 

progress is a process // thought of the day

"Progress is a process, not an event!"

This is what one of my dance teachers said (or more accurately, yelled) in the middle of my body conditioning class the other day, while all of us huffed and puffed and crunched during a set of "hundreds" (an ab exercise, for those of you who don't know).

I don't know what she was referring to; getting our bodies in shape, becoming better dancers, better students, better workers, better people. But as someone obsessed with self-improvement and inspirational quotes, I listened.

While my abs burned and my teacher yelled, I started thinking about progress. What is is, and what it isn't.

Dorm DIY round-up: How to make your room suit YOU

A few days ago, one of my friends walked into my dorm room for the first time, looked around and said "I'm guessing the top bunk is yours. It's so Julia."

I love it when people say that. I think it's the most genuine compliment you could ever receive. I know I might be kinda alone in that, because saying "that's so you" is the sort of compliment that isn't really a compliment-- I'm not really sure if she liked my dorm decor or hated it. But what she was saying was, it didn't really matter if she liked it or not. Instead, she appreciated the fact that it was just me being myself.