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Dorm DIY round-up: How to make your room suit YOU

A few days ago, one of my friends walked into my dorm room for the first time, looked around and said "I'm guessing the top bunk is yours. It's so Julia."

I love it when people say that. I think it's the most genuine compliment you could ever receive. I know I might be kinda alone in that, because saying "that's so you" is the sort of compliment that isn't really a compliment-- I'm not really sure if she liked my dorm decor or hated it. But what she was saying was, it didn't really matter if she liked it or not. Instead, she appreciated the fact that it was just me being myself.

I also love that compliment because it confirms my many efforts to make my style a prominent and defining part of who I am . I love it when my friends tag me in Instagram posts of outfits they know I'll like, or send me YouTube links of "Julia songs" that sounds like something I'd enjoy. I love it when my mom gets super excited because she finds a quilt that fits my style perfectly, or my step mother randomly buys me a dress from Goodwill because it seems like something I'd wear. I love being my own genre.

Sometimes I sit in my Julia Room wearing Julia Clothes and I just laugh. It makes me happy to know that I have become the girl that little-me always wanted to be; a girl who lives her life in a world of weird, quirky prettiness that she has designed herself.

That, I think, is also what makes decorating the most fun. Generic wall decal stickers and twinkle lights are nice and all, but what will get you really excited is personalizing your spaces so that your friends walk in and say, "wow, this is just so you."

And now, after the longest introduction of all time (another characteristically-Julia tendency), I have put together a holy grail of dorm decor DIYs that will help you do just that. Some of them are DIYs from other bloggers (using stuff you probably already have on hand) and some are just thirty-second ideas to do while you're procrastination your homework. All are entirely personaliz-able, so you can design them to suit you. :)

1. Maiko Nagao 2. Little Inspiration 3. Homey Oh My 4. Homey Oh My

decorate with photos

 Add colorful boarders to your photos
Starting simple. If you want to get your hands on some decorative scrapbook paper to use, here are some freebies provided by some very kind bloggers, that you can download and print! Here, here, and here.

frame your wall photos with washi tape 
 This isn't much of a tutorial (you get everything you need to know from the photo), but blogger Maiko Nagao did a beautiful job of using washi tape (a trendy high-quality masking tape that craft people are obsessed with) to make here photo wall look really stunning. Here's a bunch more washi tape ideas if you're interested.

hang your photos 
Here's a tutorial from Homey Oh My on turning your photos into a cool-hanging-mobile-thing. This DIY looks impressively chic and Pinterest-perfect. As far as I can see, this could also be accomplished with fewer materials. The clay, for instance, could be replaced with a heavier paper.

make a "photo clothes line" in a frame (you know what I mean) 
You've probably seen this one before. It looks a bit intimidating because it requires a big frame, but as Angie from Little Inspiration wrote, you can buy a frame like that from Target for less than ten dollars. Or you could get a big photo frame from the dollar store and take it apart.

banners & garlands 

Another unbelievably easy way to decorate is to make a banner or garland. I made the flags in my room just by folding pieces of diamond-shaped paper over a long ribbon and stapling them. You can also make message banners by decorating big letters and pinnning or stringing them along a ribbon. Here's a really great collection of (super easy) DIYs from A Beautiful Mess: 10 ways to make a garland

decorative pillow

The final DIY I found that was easily customize-able, was a decorative pillow! I bought a pillow from Society 6 for my dorm room and I absolutely love it (throw pillows rock), but it would have been even better if I had one I made myself. In this tutorial from Patchwork Cactus you can basically stamp your way to a pillow of your own. Or, here's another Homey Oh My tutorial on making easy, no-sew pillow cases.

Alright bloggers and DIY-ers, that is all. Have a nice day :)

♡ Julia
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  1. Haha, is it bad that I still decorate with photos and washi tape even though I own a house now?

    1. Girl, I'll still be doing this long after college I'm sure, hahah.

  2. It sounds like you really know yourself, and that's a lovely trait to have. These DIY tips are great, thanks for sharing!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    1. Aw thank Amber, that's so nice to hear!

  3. I think one of the best compliments that one can receive is 'it's so you'. It shows that you're staying true to who you are. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Exactly! It's certainly one of my favorite compliments :) Thanks for reading, Shireen!

  4. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.
    xoxo, Rachel

  5. This is such a lovely post, I love the tips but mainly it's just so heart warming to hear you talk about how happy you are in yourself and you're who you've always wanted to be. So important to be true to yourself!


    1. Aw thank you, Elle! That means a lot

  6. Thanks for the tips! It's good to hear you're so happy!

    Chanel | Je M'appelle Chanel

    1. Aw thanks so much Chanel! Thank you for reading!!

  7. So cute and I think it's good that one can look at your dorm and say "it's you". I would be flattered to hear that.

    Harshita Kapur

  8. So cute and I think it's good that one can look at your dorm and say "it's you". I would be flattered to hear that.

    Harshita Kapur

  9. I just love how friendly and natural you feel in all your posts! It seems very Julia :) I always wish Pinterest was available when I was in college as there are just so many great ideas for dorm rooms. I wish I would have decorated with more pictures rather than stuff. Such cute ideas! xo

    Kelsey |

  10. These are all such easy but cute ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  11. Great decor tips, lady! Love this. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. Loving all these ideas! It is always so much fun to decorate a dorm room!


    Novelstyle Blog

  13. I love the hanging photos idea, its so unique and would look so great on any dorm wall, might have to give it a go myself. Have a lovely week ;)

  14. Great tips! Will have to bookmark this post I think.. :) X

  15. I love these inspirations. My fav diy is always to add as many photos as possible. Also throwaway cushions is another way to deck up the room.
    You always have the best ideas.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3


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