The Genuineness of your Instagram Feed

Just to be clear, I'm writing this post from the perspective of an eighteen-year-old girl who is terrible at social media. Just awful. I always forget to post things, and I'm always super hesitant whenever I do. That being said, I still consider myself to be very pro-social media when other people do it. This is mostly due to the fact that there are a lot of social-media-savvy bloggers and people who I really admire. And despite the common argument about the superficiality of social media, I don't think their picture-perfect instagram feeds are as harmful or dishonest as they are often made out to be.

A few days ago I stumbled across a Huffington Post article called, "Why I Choose to Live a Non-Instagramable Life." It was a lovely, artistically-written article about the problem with perfect Instagram feeds: they aren't real life. Instead, the author says we should live "non-instagramable" lives that include "every bit of doubt, self-pity, adrenaline, hallowness and love we feel; with too much texture for a caged-in space built of digital pixels." She says that we are constantly distracted by trying to take and post perfect pictures so that we can receive validation that we are "doing life right."