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8 amazing online resources for creative people

So I'm pretty excited because I only have eight more days left of my first year of college (time flies when you're having fun, am I right?) and I'll be going home for four months! This is a big deal for me because I haven't had a summer at home since I was fourteen (I always spent the majority of my summers at ballet camps away from home, dancing five hours a day). And even before that, I was dancing at my home studio for pretty much the entire day.

Anyways. What I'm getting at is that, for the first time ever, I will have a period of four months in which I'll have free time. 

And I intend to fill it. I plan to do lots of blogging, photo-taking, and general adventuring with my friends. Also, I want to do lots of creative things and experiment with different creative skills. Knitting? Modern calligraphy? Video production? Web design? Painting? SIGN ME UP. I want to try it all.

So, I've been keeping track of various online resources (classes, tutorials, assignments, general inspiration) when it comes to being creative. And I figured I might as well share what I've found on the blog so that if you have a similar creative hunger inside of you, you can check them out too. Here we go.

Skillshare- Online creative classes 

Okay, so this website is awesome. They have tons of "classes" (online youtube video tutorials where they teach you how to make something, or a new skill) taught by creative professionals about everything from tech to art to business skills to photography. A few that I'm looking forward to are "DIY Cinematography: How to make your video look like a movie," "DSLR Photography for bloggers," and"Introduction to modern script calligraphy." It costs money, but you can get 2 free months by clicking the link in this Youtube video description, and you can get another free month by getting one of your friends to sign up.

Brit + Co- Online creative classes 

Brit + Co, similar to Skillshare, offers TONS of online classes about everything from coding to nail art to weaving. It's crazy how many classes they have. Most of them cost between $20-40 but they also have a page of eight awesome free courses!

my friends and I decorating Easter eggs this weekend

Wonder Forest DIY's 

Wonder Forest is a blog with a bunch of really great DIYs and watercolor painting tutorials. This woman, Dana Fox, is a beast when it comes to watercolor painting. She has a bunch of other adorable DIY's also. 

Free online photography course (starts April 24 2017) 

So I don't know how I found this, but it's a free online photography course from some university in Australia and I've had it bookmarked for a while because it starts on April 24th, which is right about when I'm done with college. It's a basic course about understanding the art of photography and also how to take photos yourself. It's pretty much a legit online college class though, (with deadlines and quizzes and stuff) so it's probably best for people looking to fill some free time.

A Beautiful Mess DIY's 

A Beautiful Mess is the classic DIY resource. I mean, when you think of DIYs, this is the stuff you think of. From "Statement wall hanging" to "Rainbow gradient bar soap" to "Instagram votive candle holders" these are all the crafts that you didn't know you needed to craft. (Also, A Beautiful Mess has a bunch of really cool looking creative courses, but they cost money. You can see here)

Creative Live- Free on air classes & tutorials 

So this is another website full of creative classes and tutorials of allll kinds. This site is cool though, because it lets you access the videos for free whenever they're being aired live. So you can check out their upcoming videos, RSVP for the ones that look cool, and then they'll send you a notification to tell you when the video is going to start. If you tune in at the given time, you get free access.

Ignite your Everyday Creativity- free course (at your own pace)

So this is a college course by the State University of New York (SUNY) and it's also free. It's an at-your-own-pace course, so there aren't any deadlines or anything. This course is all about what creativity even is, and how you can be more creative in your everyday life. Kinda looser than some of the other tutorials listed, but it sounds interesting nonetheless.

The Art Assignment- Art history videos with cool art assignments you can do

If you're at all interested in art history or contemporary artists, this is the youtube channel for you. In addition to teaching you all about art, Sarah Urist Green (the wife of legendary John Green), also introduces you to awesome contemporary artists who give you art assignments of your own. They are all extremely do-able for the average person (as in they don't require canvases or oil paints or clay or anything); they just require a whole lot of imagination because some of them are quite abstract. They really make you think. This channel also has a lot of social media involvement, so you can view other people's creations.
(The channel technically isn't publishing any new assignments at the moment, but there are TONS of old assignments you can still access on Youtube. Also, there's a Facebook group where people periodically redo the assignments according to new deadlines).

Let me know if any of these resources sound cool to you! Does anybody else have a goal to start being more creative? I'm really excited for this summer to start spending more time on the things I never used to have time for.

♡ Julia


  1. wow, okay so bookmarking this! i was not aware of any of these, thanks for sharing

    1. So glad it could help, thanks for reading Eloise!

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. How cool is this list? Great way to expand some skills + get inspired!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. M from india can i do these courses??


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