5 steps to stop being afraid and start creating

Something I'm super good at is making plans.

Really good. I'd list it as one of my top five skills. My favorite types of plans include: plans to completely turn my life around, plans to exercise and eat better, plans to learn all kinds of cool and creative skills, and most of all, plans for the future. Internships I want to get, projects I want to start, people I want to meet, you name it.

Now I say this all with a twinge of irony and self-amusement because yes, it's as ridiculous as it sounds. And no, I never really follow through with my plans and they don't typically "turn my life around" in the way that I imagine. But they do give me a whole lot of inspiration and ideas.

Now the problem with inspiration or ideas is that they only exist within your own head. It's like having a pot of boiling water but no pasta; it's not going to feed anybody unless you get some real, tangible food in there. (Weird analogy? I digress). The point is, I'm great at planning but not as great at doing. And this summer, my first real summer with free time, I had a whole lot of plans about things to make and learn and create; from blog updates to becoming a photography wiz to learning about video production and coding and calligraphy. And the fact that I keep finding myself scrolling through Instagram and watching YouTube videos and not creating is highly frustrating. I want some pasta, people!! I want to make something real that I can be proud of. Why can't I get myself to just do it??

My Big Hypothetical Idea | Thought of the day

Do you ever have ideas you find yourself secretly thinking about a lot?

Like maybe you find yourself planning said hypothetical idea out in a notebook. Or pretending that this idea became immensely successful and you're being interviewed about it on some swanky NPR podcast. Or just thinking about it so much that you're basically bursting at the seams out of hypothetical excitement. This is phase one.

A frantic girl's guide to mindfulness

When I think of mindfulness, I think of meditation. Or I think of being curled up in a blanket and drinking a mug of tea reallllly slowly while staring out a window. Or I think of someone doing yoga in a grassy field with their eyes closed.

Do I do any of these things on the regular? Na. I have a few meditation apps but I haven't yet gotten into using them. If I was curled in a blanket and drinking tea, let's be real, I'd probably be looking at my phone or reading or writing or doing some other form of multi-tasking. And I don't do yoga unless it's in a class.

Does this mean I'm not mindful? I always dream of a life that involves waking up early and going for a run and savoring a really healthy breakfast and taking my time. Is mindfulness some faraway dream just like all the other ways I someday hope to get my life together? Or is it possible right now, as I am right now: my worry-wart, phone-in-hand, constantly-rushing self?

I think it is. And while I'm no expert (I'm still yet to get past a 4-day streak of meditating daily) I'm a real, imperfect, multi-task-addicted person who's figured one or two things out and is on her way to figuring out more.

How to overcome your fear of sharing your blog with friends and family

Raise your hand if you still feel awkward trying to explain your blog to friends and family.

Same, girl. Same.

I remember the summer after I started my blog I went on a hunt to find other bloggers who were just starting out. Mostly because all the blogs I followed had thousands of followers and I felt like a wee little newb.

Long story short, I found a bunch of other new bloggers and even wrote a post about all the #newbie blogger worries that I encountered between myself and others. And one of the worries that resonated most with the people in the comments was the fear of sharing your blog with the people in your 'real' (non-online) life.