How to double your traffic through Pinterest without really trying

Guys this is the first month I hit 10k pageviews! My monthly page views used to be less than half of that. And it happened on a month where I kinda neglected my blog and haven't written in over a week. How, you might ask?


I know tons of people have said it before, but I'm going to say it again: if you're a blogger who goes to school or has a job and doesn't have time to commit every single day to promoting your blog, you should try Pinterest. To be honest, there are some days when I don't touch my blog or social media because I just have other things to worry about, but I'm still getting traffic through Pinterest. I still get hundreds of pageviews each month for a few posts I wrote 9 months ago that have had over 4k engagements on Pinterest. Every month or so I tend to hit the Pinterest jackpot and get a post that gathers 1000+ views, and those numbers only continue to grow over time. I'm not claiming that I'm Pinterest viral or anything, but I do know that my blog would not have nearly as many views if I wasn't using Pinterest. And by nearly I mean thousands fewer. 

The freedom of change & not giving a shit // Thought of the day

Okay so I know I don't normally swear on here (I try to be positive! Uplifting!) but since today's post is about not giving a shit, I thought it would be appropriate to not give a shit about saying the word shit. I digress.

(And it will be positive and uplifting, you just wait).

Since going and coming back from college, I think I've learned a lesson or two. About p-values and Frederic Chopin and hegemonic masculinity, yes. But also about life stuff.

Here are two of those lessons:

  1. I'm supposed to be different from who I was when I was when I was fifteen. People are supposed to change. Otherwise it would be weird.
  2. I only have a given number of shits to give, and after that? Oh well. 
Allow me to elaborate.

Do stuff on your own: A girlboss challenge

Okay, so this might sound lame to some of you older and real adult bloggers (tell me your secrets) but I am a college student and many college students are terrified of doing things on their own. The whole culture of college– eating, sleeping, working and constantly being around friends– revolves around not being alone. And since a lot of us are still figuring out this 'adult' thing, it can be comforting and helpful to always have someone to study with, or go grocery shopping with, or drive to the doctor's with.

But on the flip side, the expectation of always being surrounded by friends can make you feel pretty self conscious about being alone. And while I often didn't give into that self consciousness in little ways (I'm a big supporter of sitting on benches alone and studying alone, for example) there are still many things that I feel hecka awkward about doing alone, at college or not.

Build your perfect self care sunday // 5 steps

Chances are, you don't have much free time. Nobody does these days, and it's often 'cooler' or more respected if you don't. But that's kind of lame because, let's be real, everybody needs some free time in order to not go completely crazy.

And the good thing is, even if it seems like you don't have any, it's always possible to make some. If you're shaking your head right now, thinking "no, that's definitely not possible, I'm fully booked" then this is the part where I say, "yeah I used to think that too until I watched this TED talk." So go watch the TED talk, girl. (But then come back here because I worked hard on this post)

So the point is, there's always time to spend on self care and relaxing if you make it a priority. I've talked in the past about how there's two kinds of free time: the kind that you make for yourself, and the kind that seeps in between the cracks and ends up infesting three hours of your time when you don't mean for it to. There's a difference between making yourself a decked out bubble bath because you want some me-time and finding yourself in a netflix spiral that quickly turns from one episode to four. The difference is that one action was intentional, and one was not.

Why doesn't my Instagram feed look like theirs? // an insta photo guide

Have you ever scrolled through your favorite blogger's instagram (you know, the one you stalk constantly and secretly want to become because they're just so cool) or drooled over the photos on their most recent posts and just thought, "why don't my photos look like that??"

Maybe you've got a dslr. 

Maybe you've done that thing with natural light flat lays and white reflector boards.  

Maybe you know what aperture and ISO and shutter speed are. 

Maybe you've taken some photos of yourself that you think are kinda cute. 

But the bloggers you love (read: obsess over) don't just have cute photos. Their photos are perfectly catered bits of art. Their Instagram feeds have just enough pastel and just enough ocean photos and just enough artful photos of coffee and somehow it all looks like it fits together like a flawless painting.

You're trying, but yours doesn't look like that.


Well, I ask myself that just about everyday and we're going to figure it out together. Right now.