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How to double your traffic through Pinterest without really trying

*this post includes referral links but all opinions are my own :)

Guys this is the first month I hit 10k pageviews! My monthly page views used to be less than half of that. And it happened on a month where I kinda neglected my blog and haven't written in over a week. How, you might ask?


I know tons of people have said it before, but I'm going to say it again: if you're a blogger who goes to school or has a job and doesn't have time to commit every single day to promoting your blog, you should try Pinterest. To be honest, there are some days when I don't touch my blog or social media because I just have other things to worry about, but I'm still getting traffic through Pinterest. I still get hundreds of pageviews each month for a few posts I wrote 9 months ago that have had over 4k engagements on Pinterest. Every month or so I tend to hit the Pinterest jackpot and get a post that gathers 1000+ views, and those numbers only continue to grow over time. I'm not claiming that I'm Pinterest viral or anything, but I do know that my blog would not have nearly as many views if I wasn't using Pinterest. And by nearly I mean thousands fewer. 

This is how it works: Pinterest isn't really a social media site, it's a search engine. It doesn't show you the stuff that's most recent like Instagram or Twitter do, it shows you the stuff that's 1.) most relevant and 2.) most popular. And it doesn't matter at all how many Pinterest followers you have, either. I only have 200 and when I was first getting interested in Pinterest I only have about 70. So how do you make your Pinterest pins relevent and popular in order to gain more traffic?

..... wait for it....

Write a pinn-able post 

The truth is that people go to Pinterest for steps, lists, and tutorials. They're looking to get something out of pins that link to blog posts: advice, a new skill, a how-to, etc. I'm a big fan of writing thoughtful essay-type posts on my blog, but these are not the kinds of posts that do well on Pinterest. So I've tried to balance those posts out with more "how to...." or "5 steps to...." or "the ultimate --- guide to...." posts. These are the kinds of posts that typically do well on Pinterest: those that give something tangible to the readers, and are organized in a very straight-forward way.

Make a pin 

The simplest way to design a pretty and effective pin is to use Canva. Canva is basically a free, super easy design program for making graphics, text posts, invitations and everything in between. They have a bazillion templates that make it very easy. Just select the "pinterest graphic" option and start customizing! A few things to remember when making pins: Use a background photo that has a purpose and a distinct focal point but also isn't super distracting, keep text short and sweet, and develop a distinct look for your pins so that people can recognize them as yours.

Have maaaany boards 

I thought this sounded kinda dumb and annoying when I first heard it, but it actually is super important and you'll see why in a second. It's good to have 15-20 boards on Pinterest, and they should all be related to your niche in some way.  One easy way to do this is to have boards that are more specific. Instead of a "beauty" board, make separate boards for hair care, makeup, skincare, hair styles, etc. Instead of a "blog" board, make separate boards for blog photography, social media marketing, writing, etc. The more boards the better, and you'll see why in a second.

Use a plug in to pin your posts to Pinterest

Okay so you have a pinterest worthy post, a ridiculous number of boards, a pin, and now you need to start pinning. There are few different ways to do this, but here's how I do it:
  •  Put the pin image in your blog post. Probably at the bottom if you don't want it to be your main image. 
  • You can use some simple code to hide the pin so that it isn't visible when people look at your post but can still be pinned via the Pinterest plug in. 
  • Download the Pinterest plug in on your browser. This will allow you to pin any images you come across on the internet to Pinterest. 
  • Go to your blog post in which you have your pin, and click on the Pinterest plug in. When you do this, all of the images on that web page will pop up as possible pins. 
  • Click on your kick-butt pin that you just designed, and write a caption full of lots of keywords (what people might look up on Pinterest if they're looking for a post like yours-- my key words/phrases for this post will be "how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest" "how to increase blog traffic without really trying" "how to promote your blog with Pinterest" etc.). 
  • Now, start pinning! (See below) 


Repin to your own boards  

After writing the caption, save your pin to one of your boards. I would suggest having a board that is simply titled with the name of your blog, in which you will keep all of your pins that you make for your blog posts. That way you can keep track of them and how well they're doing, and people can easily see your content. Then once you've pinned your pin to your blog board, click "see it now." This will bring you to your pin in Pinterest and at this point you'll be able to repin it other places as well.

Now we go crazy. Remember how I said to have 15-20 boards that are all related to your niche? Well, here's where we repin your new pin to all of them. Yep, you heard me. Repin it to any and all boards that it is at least vaguely related to. Why should you do this? Because in order for your pins to be noticed and to pop up on people's feeds, they need to have repins. More repins = more popular = more people see it and repin it and check out your blog. But how do you get people to see it and repin it if you need repins in order for people to see it and repin it?? (*deep breath*). The answer: hack the system and repin it twenty times on your own page. This isn't like Instagram where everybody would be able to see your twenty obnoxious posts in a row. It won't spam your followers, if anything your pin will only pop up once or twice on their feed. But having those twenty repins will give your pin a lot more leverage when it comes to Pinterest's algorithm.

Pin to Group Boards

This is probably the surest and easiest way to get more repins on your pins. (Count how many times I've said "pin" in this, ohmygosh). Group boards are boards that many people can contribute to, and guarantees that your pins will reach a wider audience. To join a group board you just follow the instructions in the board bio, which often involves emailing the board owner. Here are a few group boards that I am a part of: The College Blogger Initiative, Millennial Mindset Group Board, Twenty Something Career & Lifestyle Blogging your Heart Out

Use Board Booster 

If you're especially lazy and can't seem to commit 10 or so minutes each day to promoting and repining your pins, try a scheduler like Board Booster. Board Booster will repin your pins for you, you just choose how often and to which boards. I typically just repeatedly pin my content to group boards so that they stay in circulation. The first 100 pins are free, but after that it's $5 for 500 pins per month.  I'm still on my freebie pins, but it's not ridiculously expensive either way.

Alright blogger friends, those are my best Pinterest tips! As I said at the beginning of this post, I am by no means a Pinterest expert. But I have figured out a few things that have allowed me to gain significant traffic and have helped several of my pins get thousands of engagements and repins.

Let me know your Pinterest tips! Do you guys use Pinterest to promote your blog, or do you have a different method?

♡ Julia


  1. Oooh congrats on 10,000 monthly page views!!! I haven't heard of Canvas so I'll try it out! Great tips!

    Simply Lovebirds

    1. Thanks!! And yeah, canva is the best. You should try it out!

  2. Congrats on so many page views! I really need to jump on the Pinterest band wagon, I'm so lazy at it! Haha, I'll pin this post for future reference! Haha! Xx

    Kez |

    1. Glad you liked it! And yeah Pinterest is really helpful. :)

  3. Hey! Congrats!!!

    This post is incredibly helpful!

  4. Wow congrats girly! I have really not been giving Pinterest the credit it deserves. I NEVER use my account, I really don't look on it so I didn't think much of it but I really should give it a try! But first I've got to figure out how to use it LOL


    1. Thank you, Stacey! Yes it's very helpful!

  5. I really wish I tried more with pinterest! Some great tips x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  6. Super awesome tips! I have a pinterest account but I've found that I struggle to build a following on there, too. I'm actually going to go try these tips, they sound really great! Thanks for sharing, have a lovely day!

    xxxx from Emily //

  7. Loved these tips and I totally took notes while I was reading this! My only question is (and it might be a stupid question) but how do you go about repinning the same 1 pin twenty times to your boards? Do you mean you have twenty boards and you just pin it once to each of them or...?

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Yes, twenty board and you pin it once to each board. Hope that helped! Thanks Julia :)

  8. Yaaaaassssssssss!!!!! I've been looking for some good, solid pinterest advice, I keep hearing "Pin your posts" but I haven't seen tips laid out like this before, thank you :)

    osy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  9. These tips are so helpful! I've been wanting to increase traffic to my blog with the help of Pinterest but it was unsuccessful. I'm definitely going to incorporate your tips!

  10. When I was using Pinterest I noticed it drove so much traffic to my blog! I've kind of stepped back because of travel but now that I'm back I intend on doing all of this and really taking Pinterest seriously! Thank you so much for these helpful tips xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days


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