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How to live a 50% organized life

I am no stranger to bullet journals or color-coded planners or nicely organized desks.

Mostly because I see them on Pinterest a whole lot.

I've also always beaten myself up over not being completely organized: I may use a planner most of the time, but get mad at myself when I forget to use it for a week or two. My desk is moderately clean, but the drawers are messy. I plan blogs, but then I don't post for 2 weeks. I tell myself that I'm going to be productive, but instead I procrastinate by hanging out with my friends and I stay up way too late. Therefore, I don't feel like a girl who has her life together. I feel like a wannabe. (You've heard this all before)

But this summer I had a sort of revolutionary thought: maybe I'm not the kind of person who's supposed to be fully organized. After all, my family has always joked that I have a somewhat flighty, head-in-the-clouds personality. Maybe a 100% percent organized life is too restrictive for me, and that's why I never succeed at it. Perhaps I'm the kind of person who requires (and thrives) with a little bit of chaos and wiggle-room. Just the right amount.

 The more I think about this, the more sense it makes to me. After all, I am a college student who lives with a bunch of hilarious people and likes to go on adventures (as well as, you know, class). In the end, I don't really want to be a hyper-productive girlboss machine. I also want to have a bunch of fun.

Here's what I've realized about my 50% organized life:

Plan *enough* 

I will go insane if I don't keep a planner to record all my homework assignments, responsibilities and to-do-lists (I think this is a helpful tool for anyone with a busy life). And if I don't at least have an idea for what I'll write a blog about for the week, I won't write anything. These are the things that fit into my 50% organized life, because I need some sort of structure to survive.
These are the things that don't:
Bullet journals (or any sort of fancy agenda that takes more time to plan than it does to complete the tasks you're planning). Scheduling multiple days per week in which I must post a blog on that specific day. Never missing a day (or week) in my planner. Planning out my life and future down to the year. None of these things are sustainable for me, so I've given up on doing them.

Waste time but still get things done 

Things that are necessary: Doing homework, studying, going to class, doing my job, writing blogs, exercising, sleeping. They aren't all the same level of necessary, so you've got to do a bit of prioritizing. But you get the idea.
Things that are also necessary: Watching youtube, hanging out with my friends, going on spontaneous little adventures, writing for fun, reading blogs.
In summary, you don't need to feel bad about procrastinating because, let's be real, wasting time is fun. And that's worth something. If you have strong priorities and stuff you care about, you'll get it done whether you procrastinate or not. I always tend to feel bad when I only do things after lots of procrastinating, or when I don't always put 110% into the stuff I do, but some days you've just gotta shrug and say, 'done is better than perfect'. Because it is.

Leave time for spontaneity

 If college has taught me anything, it's that being spontaneous is really, really fun. At first, because I'm a person who tend to use plans for protection, the idea of throwing a plan out the window irritated me or made me feel bad. But now that I'm constantly surrounded by friends and things to do, I've found there's real value in being able to adjust your time. For example, I wrote in my planner yesterday that I had to write a blog that night or else. But when I got back to my room there were a bunch of people over and I wanted to spend time with them. So I decided, quickly, to adjust: I'd write half my blog that night, and the other half the next morning. I let the spontaneous singing session happen, and I finished the blog the next morning. I let myself be easily adjustable, to make room for the spontaneity, without freaking out or feeling bad.

Allow some controlled clutter 

If you're the kind of person who's naturally messy, you're probably not going to turn your whole life around at the drop of a hat and become unbelievably clean. It's just not where your priorities lie. You can, however, control the clutter in your life. In my case, I want to try and keep my desk organized, I want to try and make my bed, and I want to keep my vanity clean. But my closet? That's not really a priority for me. I have some shelves in there that are cluttered and kinda disorganized, and that's fine with me. Nobody's gonna see them, and it doesn't stress me out.
You just have to decide what matters for you. If you're a person who has trouble controlling the clutter (especially in a small space like a dorm room), try to prioritize the cleanliness of the spaces that matter most to you, while being less strict about an area or two that doesn't matter.

Don't stress about being the picture of health 

Sometimes, especially in college, you're not going to sleep much. At other times, you'll probably have sporadic and weird eating habits. At some points in your life, you'll probably exercise a lot and at other times, not so much. You just have to realize that you're probably not going to do everything perfectly health-wise so you may as well choose what matters most to you right now. For me, I've been getting really into running which makes me feel great, but I've probably also been eating too many processed/ sugary foods. I've accepted that this is just how it is right now, and it's okay, and my habits will surely change around some more in the future.
Also keep in mind that these days, 'healthy living' is kind of fashionable. And just like fashion, healthy living has trends. Not everything you hear or read is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Coconut oil? Paleo? No sugar? Yoga? It might work, sure. But you don't need to do (or not do) any one specific thing to be healthy. As Lucy Moon (god) once said, if you eat your vegetables and get some exercise, you'll be alright. ;)

Anyways, this has been a post about me trying to feel less bad about living a not-so organized life. Cus when I stop feeling bad about it and start embracing my 50% organized life, I'll hopefully feel less like a complete mess. I'll be a controlled mess. A high functioning mess. And I'm okay with that. :)

♡ Julia


  1. I think this is good advice. We're only alive so long, so trying to be perfect about things is not at all worth it.

  2. Great post!

    Do you want to follow ( f4f ) each other? Let me know with a comment on my blog :D

    kisses, Josipa

  3. Amazing post, love! It's perfectly okay to not have everything organized and set into deadlines. We need a bit of chaos in our life :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  4. Great post and photo really liked, Dear ❤️
    I'd be happy friendship blogs ♥️ Subscribe to your Bloglovin
    Julia Shkvo

  5. I tried to use a bullet journal once and nearly died. 3/10 would not recommend.
    also, did you know 50% more or less rounds up to 100% according to math sometimes? that makes you absolutely fully organized. and that is terrifying and people should fear you for of it.
    LASTLY: NEW LAYOUT IS BOTH VERY COOL LOOKIN' AND EASY TO USE. rating: 11/10. this is a good blag.
    xoxoxo infinity, your #1 fan at butts[at]boogers[dot]com

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  6. This sounds so much like me, it's refreshing to know that other people feel the same way! Plan enough, and leave room for spontaneous moments! I couldn't agree more Julia xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  7. Yes! Don't stress too much about anything. Have some fun!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  8. This is such a great post, Julia!! I've been MIA from reading your posts (I know, shame on me), but this reminded me just why I love your blog so much. I think I might just be one of those 50% organized people like you, too.
    - kat

  9. I love all these ideas, I think they are great for me to start over. What a cutie u are. Love that minimal bed.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  10. Oh my goodness, YES have fun while you're still in college! It can be hard to balance everything like blogging, school work, friends, etc but you are so right in that you should just prioritize ;) I think you'll do just fine! You're so smart already!

    Simply Lovebirds


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