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Blog expectations v.s reality (from a seriously slacking blogger)

So my blog hasn't exactly been hopping this summer. More like slowly crawling. Wiggling.

To clarify, I seriously love blogging and my blog has made huge progress since I first started. I'm also in the process of planning some big changes for my blog's future. And even though I haven't been posting much, my page views are increasing thanks to Pinterest! But all that aside, I haven't been giving this little corner of the internet the love (or posts) it deserves. Sorry lil blog. :(

Anyways, here's a fun little post to describe how things have been going:

My blogging expectations v.s what's actually been happening lately 

Expectation: I'll always be hustling away 24/7 to keep up with my blog schedule.  

Reality: I'm too busy doing other things to ever stick to it 100%

I tend to make really ambitious blog schedules that I never actually stick to: I plan 2-3 ambitious posts per week that require time to write and research and edit (and with lots of lovely photos, of course). Do I follow them? Nope. I need to get it in my head that it's OKAY to only post once a week, Julia. And to miss a post. Really, it is. Anyways, here's to a new start and hopefully a more realistic approach to blog planning. ;) 

Expectation: If I post on Instagram everyday my following will grow easily and naturally! 

Reality: 793 followers. 796. 795. 798. 796. 

I'm having a hard enough time getting to 800 followers, don't even talk to me about 1000. I don't know how some people do it! I don't always post everyday (taking photos is hard), but even when I do I rarely gain more than a follower or two a day. And then I usually lose one soon after (people who follow and then unfollow will be the death of me. You know who you are). 

But seriously, if anyone has any instagram growth secrets hmu!

Expectation: I'll always have lots of pretty things lying around to easily take nice blog photos of. 

Reality: Not so much. 

To be fair, I do own a fair amount of pretty knick-knacks. The problem is, I'm not always surrounded with the prettiest (clutter free) environments or the best natural light or the patience to stop and take a photo. 

Expectation: After a year of blogging I will start working with brands and making a little bit of money! 

Reality: Most of the companies that email me are suspicious looking prom dress companies offering to pay me $20 to link to their website 25 times, people that don't pay, or really vague un-named companies that won't tell me any info unless I follow up. 

Maybe I'm too paranoid? I guess I just don't have enough followers yet? (we've already discussed the instagram problem). Call me crazy, but I don't want to work with brands for the sake of working with brands. I'd rather have no money than feel like I'm being dishonest. But how do I raise my following so that I can start working with companies I actually like? Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a bit of a blogging-progress rut. Ahh. 

Expectation: I'll have lots of photographer friends who can always take nice quality photos of me (like all those bloggers that have photographer boyfriends). 

Reality: Living the tripod life. 

The tripod struggles are real, guys. How do I make it focus when I'm using a self timer?? Do I really have to keep moving the lamp to use it as a stand-in me? 

Anyways, that's all for today's post. We all love blogging, but (much like life) it doesn't always turn out as easy or as perfect as we expect it to. 

Have any of you guys done blog expectations vs reality posts? Leave your links in the comments, I'd love to check 'em out! 

♡ Julia 


  1. Hi! I definitely share your struggles with high expectations and reality getting in the way! I don't know if you are interested or not, but to promote products and brands and such, have you checked out It's free to sign up and they have tonnnnssss of companies that work with them. I'm not a shill for them, I promise! I have just seen quite a few bloggers recommend it and I set it up and it seems pretty cool (though I haven't dived into it too extensively) it might be worth checking out!

  2. You are so honest in your posts, I completely know what you mean by not wanting to work with brands simply to work with them. I'd rather work with brands I genuinely like as well! I've been a bit off of my blogging game too but I hope to get my inspiration back! Loved reading this xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  3. I see everyone on twitter have been recently struggling with their blog so you're definitely not alone! I'm also so frustrated with Instagram and people following and unfollowing I've been stuck on the same number for months now so I decided to take a break from it. It's not all about numbers definitely but it is a bit unmotivating. Hope you get your blogging mojo back! x

    Reine | Sincerely Reine

  4. Hahaha this is such a great read and I know exactly what you mean especially when it comes to growing your instagram following. I had to take a bit of a break from it recently because it's a very fast paced world. I really think it's hard to grow naturally (unless you're on IG model). I've noticed a lot of people either buy their following, comments, likes,etc or do the follow/unfollow method which I absolutely despise...anyways these are both not good days. I also have a bit of a struggle taking photos since I don't have too many friends who share my photography vision nor do I have an instagram boyfriend/husband to help me out like most of the average instagram bloggers have. My tripod is my IG boyfriend for now I guess lol. Anyways back to your first saying about just living life. I think that's the most important and helps with not only your sanity, but also your inspiration as well <3


  5. Haha! These are so funny and so true! Esp the one about having pretty things around to take photos with. Blogging can definitely be a lot different than people think. So much goes in to having a successful blog!


  6. What a great post about blog expectations and reality. It is seriously SO hard to keep up with bogging when working full-time as well. But I think what will really help if you do things in bulk. Like take a bunch of outfit photos in one day, planning out your Instagram feed, etc. Good luck!!!


  7. This is so incredibly true! I have always struggled with keeping up my blog fresh and updated, but to be honest, I never expected it to be THIS difficult. Dealing with the pressures of competing with the crisp white layouts of other blogs, and the 4-posts-each-week other bloggers manage to pull out just don't cut it for me... At all. I've been at a very slow growing pace this year, and I think it's because of how inconsistent I am. I love this post so much, Julia xx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// Lifestyle & Beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

  8. Oh my gosh girllll, everything is soooo relatable! I can go on a rant here about all these subject but I will safe you the details, hahaha. I will try to do better every day but sometimes I'm so frustrated with myself and all the things described above haha! You're not alone in this babe!!

    Love, Layla Rosita |

  9. I found you via Pinterest! Hands up for that Pinterest life. It works wonders.
    This post is all too real for me. I could relate to EVERY SINGLE ONE: the tripods, the Instagram followers (and unfollowers), lack of time and commitment to stick to the blog...
    I'm slowly becoming ok with the fact that my blog will never be perfect. I will always think that I could do more to get myself out there. It will never be enough. I just have to focus on the fact that I have a wonderful balance between work, blog, and fun that doesn't stress me out so much that my hair falls out.

    Darcy :)

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